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Privacy statement Fetch car sharing

Privacy Statement Fetch Car Sharing May 2022




1.1 FETCH car sharing is offered by Fetch Mobility B.V. (hereinafter: FETCH car sharing), established at Entrada 100, 1114 AA in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, the Netherlands and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 72871237.


1.2 FETCH car sharing can be contacted at the above-mentioned address, as well as by e-mail and telephone +31 (0)85 301 8484.


1.3 FETCH car sharing takes your privacy seriously. This statement is intended to help you

inform about the processing of your personal data in connection with your use of

FETCH car sharing, your use of the FETCH car sharing website (hereinafter referred to as the Website), the

FETCH car sharing App (hereinafter: App) and in connection with your communication with us.


1.4 FETCH car sharing is the “controller” for the processing of your

personal data as referred to in the General Data Protection Regulation.


1.5 The provision of your personal data is a requirement for the conclusion of

an agreement with FETCH car sharing. This provision is not a legal

obligation, but are necessary for the performance of the services of FETCH car sharing. FETCH car sharing may refuse to provide you with services if you have

personal data is not provided.


This statement is subject to change. We will post the most recent version of this statement on the FETCH car sharing website.




2.1 Your first name, last name, address, telephone number and e-mail address are processed in order to identify you, to keep in touch with you during the contract for the use of

FETCH car sharing and to enter into, implement and enforce this Agreement.


2.2 Your age is processed to determine whether you meet the minimum age requirement

for using FETCH car sharing (18 years).


2.3 Photographs of the front and back of your driving licence (excluding your BSN or other national identification number) and a photograph of yourself.


2.4 If you have a non-Dutch driving licence, we also ask you to upload a photo

of your passport (with the exception of your national identification number) as an additional

guarantee of establishing your identity.


2.5 We may use your driving licence number to periodically check the validity of your driving licence. The issue date of your driving licence is used to check whether you have had your licence for at least one year (which we require). We also process data from your driving licence (date of birth, issue date and expiry date and document number) in the membership agreement you enter into with FETCH car sharing when you become a customer.


2.6 Your location is processed in the FETCH car sharing mobile application to find the closest FETCH car. The location of the FETCH car at the time of

check-out is used to determine whether the check-out has taken place within the authorised check-out area. The location of the FETCH car is further used to send our service team or emergency services to the car if the situation requires.


2.7 In the event of indications of emergency or serious breaches of the Agreement (such as

theft, vandalism, accidents or driving in areas where this is not necessary), can

FETCH car sharing also determines the location of the FETCH car.


2.8 Your payment details are processed for billing and collection purposes. Payment is made via payment providers, FETCH car sharing will not collect your bank or credit card details.



2.9 In order to determine the amount due from you, certain data will be processed

about your use of the FETCH car, in particular the duration and date of use, the

time of the beginning and end of this use and the distance travelled in kilometres.


2.10 Certain technical details about your use of the FETCH car are processed in order to improve the availability of the car to other users, problems, defects and the need to

for maintenance. In particular, we process whether the engine is on or off, whether the door is opened or closed and locked, whether the car is being charged, the odometer reading

and the battery level.


2.11 We use your contact information as well as the frequency and type of use of our

Service to send you promotional messages about our products and services and/or those of partners.


2.12 Some of your personal data may be used for quality and market research purposes if you consent. This includes, for example, statistical research on the use of our services, and use of your personal data to contact you for customer research questions.


2.13 In the event that a FETCH car has been involved in a crime or misdemeanour, or that the agreement with FETCH car sharing has been broken, the personal data of the customer who rented the car during this situation can be used in a report to the police or to recover damages suffered by FETCH car sharing.


2.14 The basis for the processing mentioned in articles 2.1 -2.9 is to carry out

of the FETCH car sharing agreement. For the use of your photo, the

specific basis, however, your consent, which we ask you to provide prior to such use. The basis

For the promotional purposes mentioned in articles 2.10 and 2.11, your consent, which

we ask in order to complete your registration for FETCH car sharing. The basis for the purposes specified in clause 2.12 is our legitimate interest in optimising and improving our products and services. The basis for the purposes specified in clause 2.13 is our legitimate interest in protecting our company’s legal position in relation to possible damages.


2.15 Profiling is a type of automated processing of personal data. For example, we use profiling and data modelling to provide you with specific services and products that match your preferences, to prevent money laundering, to set prices for services and products, to detect fraud and the risk of fraud, to assess the likelihood of offences and for marketing purposes.

2.16 With automated decisions we use our systems to make decisions based on the information we have about you. For example, we use automated decisions to prevent fraud. Automated decisions allow us to ensure that our decisions are fast, fair, efficient and correct based on the information we have.





3.1 FETCH car sharing will not keep your personal details any longer than necessary for the purposes mentioned in article 2. In particular, the scan of your driving licence and your photograph will not be retained after the verification referred to in the aforementioned article without urgent necessity.

3.2 Your personal data may be kept for a longer period as is necessary to

to comply with administration and tax obligations, in particular your name, address and

billing information.




4.1 When FETCH car sharing uses services of third parties in the execution of the

agreement for FETCH car sharing (e.g. payment providers, vehicle transport and

towing and recovery services), FETCH car sharing may collect certain personal information from you

to these service providers, insofar as this is necessary for the execution of this agreement.



5.1 The right to information You have the right to know if and what personal data of yours are processed and for what purpose.


5.2 Right of inspection. You have the right to inspect and obtain copies of such data insofar as this does not violate the privacy of another person.


5.3 The right to correction and deletion. You have the right to correct, amend or delete data. The right to (partial) deletion of your data can only be exercised if the retention of the data is not of significant importance to another person and if the data does not need to be retained by law;


5.4. The right to object. In certain cases, you have the right to oppose the processing of your data.


5.5. The right to data portability. You have the right to receive and transfer personal data held by you to another organisation.


5.6. The right to a human eye in the case of automated decisions In the case of an automated decision, you have the right to have the decision taken by human intervention.






Should you wish to exercise these rights, please send an e-mail request to If your request is denied, it will be substantiated. One reason may be that your file contains information that is or may be of importance to others. You will receive a reply from FETCH car sharing within one month of receiving your request.


If you also have a complaint about the way your personal data is being processed, you can contact FETCH car sharing and we will try to find a solution together.


Do you have any (other) comments/questions/suggestions or do you wish to object to direct marketing/newsletters? Please contact us for that as well.


Naturally, FETCH car sharing will also handle the personal data provided in this context with confidentiality and care.




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