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Our pricing

€ 0,30

per minute

€ 15,60

per hour

€ 78

per day

What does it cost?

Fetch car sharing has prices per minute, per hour, per day and per week. We always calculate the most advantageous fare for you per ride! So after an hour’s drive you don’t pay € 0.30 per minute but € 0.26 for your entire ride. And after five hours our daily rate starts at € 78.00. You can rent the car for a maximum of 3 days at a time.
Per ride you have 150 free kilometers, each additional kilometer above costs € 0.25. And if you drive longer than one day, you get 150 free kilometres for each day.

Are there any additional costs?

Hardly any. Besides 10 Euro registration fee (until 28 February 2019 only 0,01 Euro) there is no parking fee, no insurance costs and no charging costs. However, we do have costs for special situations. For fines, for example. And there is an own risk for damages. You can find them in this document: Fetch pricing