30 minutes free with subscription, weekly rate, more free kilometers

30 minutes free with subscription, weekly rate, more free kilometers

Free driving credit at registration

Our Fetch shared cars have been on the road in and outside Amsterdam for over 60 days now and you our users have already made more than 10,000 trips, far into Belgium and Germany. We are very happy about that and as it is only fitting that we, with spring in our heads,  give something back. From 14 March on, new registrants will receive a half hour driving credit of € 9.00 for their registration fee of € 10.00. That’s then to register and get in for a Euro, not bad anyway. The 30 free minutes are valid for two months from your registration. After that they expire. But who will let that happen?



More free kilometers

Spring is coming, at the end of the storm that is. Time to take the Fetch car for a good spin (not literally). Our users have asked us if their trips could bea bit longer and cheaper. And who are we not to listen to them. First of all, we have increased the number of free kilometers for a trip to 250 kilometers (per trip or per day if your trip lasts longer than a day). That used to be 150 kilometers. That’s 66.67% extra for the same price, sounds good to us. Starting March 14th with new rents.



To finish off our season’s surprise we have introduced the weekrate. It is € 390.00. Instead of 7 times the daily rate you pay  5 times the daily rate for a week. A discount of over 28%. And you don’t have to do anything at all, we automatically switch to the weekly rate after 5 days rent and the rate of €390.00 applies to the whole week.